I guess the best way to tell you what Life Outside The Walls is about is to tell you a story. 

I came to Christ as Lord and Savior of my life when I was 21 years old. There were no angel songs, no uncontrollable weeping, no epiphanies of God’s love, grace and mercy, and no emotional reaction what-so-ever, except confusion. “Was that it? Am I saved? Will I go to hell?“, were constant thoughts on my mind.

I started reading an old King James Bible I found packed away in our garage and watching The Believer’s Voice of Victory with Kenneth Copeland and The 700 Club. For a few months I still watched EWTN. the Catholic channel. That was what I watched before I surrendered to Jesus. I was seeking and for a time it was enough. When it was no longer enough, I sought more.

For three years I read my bible and listened to the Holy Spirit as He taught me about the Father. The T.V. shows I watched were okay but they became a distraction to me rather quickly. After about a year I became lonely and wanted fellowship with other Christians. Two years later I found a local “church” to join. Yes, it was 3 years before Father would allow me to join a local body of believers. Looking back I know that He wanted to teach me Himself.

Over the years, I moved around a fair amount and was in and out of many “churches”. There were long periods of time where I had no fellowship with believers inside the “church” walls and those were the best times with Father. The times I did attend services I found to be boring, empty and full of guilt and shame for not being there.

The Mega-Move

In 2007 I moved and joined a rather large “mega-church”. It was okay for about 3 years. While there, I got married. A few months after we were married we both felt God pulling us out of the organization. Within a few weeks we found another organization where we believed Father was directing us. While there, we learned much and grew. 

The Shift

In 2012 I started feeling the pull to leave again. My wife says she was feeling it sooner. I probably should have listened to her. I did not want to be a church hopper and I was desperate for real and true relationships. I wanted people to like me and want to be around me so I did whatever I was asked. I’ve learned now that it is never enough. There is always more the organization wants from you.

About the time I started feeling the pull away (mid 2012) my wife and I began to become more involved in our local governments and citizen groups. During this time there were people we knew Father was directing us to build relationship with and things He was asking us to do that took us away from regular meetings with the organization. Some extremely difficult financial times also prevented us from meeting regularly.

Enter Wayne Jacobsen

I began looking into Church Outside The Walls after hearing a local conservative radio host, Vince Coakley (find him on Facebook and Twitter) talk about it. A week or so later he had a guest on his show, Wayne Jacobsen (find him on Facebook and Twitter) of Lifestream Ministries

I might liken him to a modern day Moses; setting the captives free from our man-made religious organizations and leading them into the love of the Father. He might not agree with me but when you know his story I think you’d see many similarities. We went and talked with him when he was in our area visiting people who are just like we are and have been living outside the walls for some time now. It was an eye-opening experience and freeing to see so many people who want nothing to do with the “institutional church” yet were still following hard, if not harder, after the Father and His love for them. We had always been taught and programmed to believe that to not be in service on Sunday or whenever we had service was tantamount to backsliding. Yet, here was a group of people who proved that wrong.

Thus begins our journey into the love of the Father and Life Outside The Walls; Living Life As Jesus Lived.

Life Outside The Walls is about the journey into the Father’s love outside of the Institutional Church structure and organization.

If you’d like to know more, then please subscribe. I have no idea how many times I will post a week or month. I’m just going to follow the leading of Father and write about Life Outside The Walls.


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